COVID-19 Style

“After Christmas, all students might be back to normality,” they said. Well, here we are in February 2021 and studying in isolation continues. University is supposed to be the greatest time of your life’s, where you can meet lifelong friends, hit the town until the sun comes up and meet up with fellow members of your society’s. Instead, you have been hit by a global pandemic forcing you to isolate with only your computers and own thoughts to keep you sane. Here at Atha Developments student accommodation, we want to help as much as possible by giving our advice on how best to live and study in a COVID-19 world. 

Studying alone in isolation is going to be tough, it just is, however, there are some ways you can improve isolation and make the most out of a tough situation. 

Cleaning with Meaning

I know this won’t sound like much fun however have a DEEP clean of your apartment, urghh “no thanks”. Well, science actually shows that working in a clean and clutter-free zone increases your productivity levels. This is so true! I have personally found that it’s incredibly hard to function, let alone be creative when you’re surrounded by dirt, grime, and especially clutter. I can’t even write a single email or post when there are stacks of paper all over my desk. A chap who knows about these things called Jeff Goins quoted “Clutter is the enemy of creativity” and I completely agree with this. 

Adding to this once you have actually cleaned your room or apartment you can stand back and admire your work. This will give you a real sense of accomplishment which in these times is a massive mental boost. Knowing I had ticked something pretty major of my list gives me more energy and positivity to put into my other jobs like revising or studying guilt-free. All of this with the added benefit of just creating a healthier place to live which will benefit your breathing and mental wellbeing. All that benefit from just cleaning your room…. Sign me up! 

Workspace reshuffle

Reorganising your work zone can give you that little bit of much-needed change. If you have been staring at the same books, pictures and notice board for the full isolation period then you really need a little bit of change in your life. This can be from simply reorganising your shelves, layout or the actual way you sit at your desk. How about placing your desk next to the window? Have you been staring at your to-do list and work notes in front of you for too long? Why not swap the notes for an inspirational quote you like and pop the work stuff onto another wall for a bit? A change of visuals can play a trick on your mind into thinking you have changed the environment and keeps things interesting. 


I think it’s time for a long-overdue Boogey around your apartment. In their blog, Glide explain that ‘Listening to music gets those feel-good endorphins, pumping around your body and has the power to lift moods and take us back to better times – something that is very much needed right about now!’ So, make a feel-good playlist, stick in your headphones and crank up those tunes. Nothing says bring back the good times like singing along to ‘Mr Brightside by The Killers’ you can thank me later. 


Atha Developments have a large range of student accommodation from luxury studio apartments, student house shares and student halls of residence, every time I go visit one of our developments what is the most common theme, apart from happy students of course? Yep… fairly lights. Everywhere I go I see walls, beds, desks, living rooms always bathed in the unmistakable glow of fairy lights and I must say… they are bloody lovely. Not only does the ambient lighting look and feel cosy and attractive, but there is also science (Yep, I am Dropping another science bomb) behind the effects the right lighting has on studying. SAD lights can improve your wellbeing because ‘exposure to high levels of UV light stimulates the brain to produce more serotonin, which helps to lifts moods and improve sleep patterns’ who knew a different bulb could be so effective.  


Virtual Study club anyone? Why can’t ‘work hard, play hard’ be the same thing? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can use all sorts of online tools like Zoom (other apps are available… just in case Bill Gates reads this, which he clearly will) to create that virtual world where you can study, see and speak to your friends and not even be in the same room. Create games and rewards to ensure that studying is fun and memorable. This will give you something to look forward to during your days and get your inspiration soaring learning how you can make studying more fun. Remember the obsession with Zoom quizzes with your friends and family during the 1st lockdown? Well, why stop… 


At Atha Developments our student accommodation has a number of private bookable rooms including Study rooms, lounges and cinema rooms. How awesome would a zoom quiz be in a cinema! They are all free to use and we encourage you to enjoy these specially designed spaces. Within the Covid-19 rules of course. 

Need Help? 

Here at Atha Developments, we take your mental wellbeing very seriously and we are always on hand to help. We are very personal, and we love chatting to our students so if you are ever feeling a little low then how about a cup of tea with our founders Tom and Jack at Atha HQ, we can have a chin wag and sometimes you can be greeted by our resident office dog called Ralph who is the real boss, he can be very easily swayed into giving you what you want by a treat or a belly rub. Sometimes a puppy cuddle is all that’s needed. 

If you want some more help and advice, then contact the charity Mind.

Keep connected for more… 

Thank you 

Tom Atha